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You are lost in the decrepit ruins of your mind where darkness hunts to swallow you whole. Maybe by putting back together what you still have left, you can find enough strength and hope to escape.

From the Dark is a 1st person psychological horror game about overcoming fear and depression with your own strength and help from those who love you. Collect five pieces of photographs in the abandoned manor of your mind, avoid the manifestation of your dark thoughts, and find a way out.

  • Explore the manor
  • Solve small puzzles to find photograph pieces
  • Keep an eye on the changing environment to avoid danger
  • Sound/headphones highly recommended!

The game was made by a group of Finnish game development students from Kajaani as a second-year project in 2018. We decided to release it now as a sort of fond memory and show of progress.

NOTE: Due to not having the original project file, we cannot fix possible lag happening on older/less powerful computers.

Install instructions

Download the file and then right-click the zip folder. Choose Extract all or extract the folder to a place of your choosing.
Open the extracted folder and run the application from_the_dark.exe.


FromTheDark.zip 398 MB


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This is wonderful, especially for a student project.  I deal with depression, and the hopeful message is really uplifting. I hope you all go on to do great things!


I like it here's my video on it feel free to incorporate it into your post!

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Thanks a lot for playing, we had fun watching the video! Even we didn't know that "feature" existed. :'D